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My Hero Academia Easy Watch Order – Guide

If you think watching chronologically is the best way to enjoy My Hero Academia, think again. We’ve compiled an easy-to-understand My Hero Academia Watch Order.

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Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3: When will the anime series continue?

The anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend is getting a 3rd season - that much is certain. But when will Kazuya's romantic daily life continue?On October 16, the last episode Rent-a-Girlfriend was broadcast on Japanese television. In this country, the 2nd season was shown in parallel on the streaming service Crunchyroll. Fans do not have to worry about a sequel. Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 of the romantic anime series is already certain - only when will the new episodes start?Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3: No start date yetLast month, the makers of Rent-a-Girlfriend confirmed another extension. Thus, the anime series will soon enter the third round. Unfortunately, little information is known about the sequel so far. Only the following teaser trailer...

Record of Ragnarok: Green Light for Season 2 on Netflix

Despite massive criticism of the series, Netflix has ordered a 2nd season of Record of Ragnarok. In it, humanity must once again prove itself against powerful gods.After a sacred meeting, the gods come to the decision that man must die out. However, The Valkyrie Brunhilde proposes to give humanity one last chance and prove its worth in a tournament. If the strongest human fighters manage to beat the gods, their species will be spared. This is the starting point of Netflix's new anime series Record of Ragnarok, the first season of which was released in June 2021.In the 12 episodes so far, there have already been exciting duels between fighters such as Adam and Zeus...

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